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RTDS: Premiere Center for Professional Truck Drivers

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Have you realized that being trained professionally is necessary to advance in life? If you said yes, then let a Russian CDL A School show you how.

Licensed Professionals

If you want to become a professional truck driver in the United States, then passing a CDL license is required. This commercial driver’s license is your ticket in order to drive in any state of your choice. It’s a needed requirement in order to drive large or heavy vehicles such as trucks and trailers. In this line, taking a Class A licensing exam is needed to jumpstart your career.

Becoming an interstate or intrastate trailer driver is easy with the right preparation. These are the drivers who drive heavy vehicles amounting to 26,001 pounds and higher, usually with a trailer of 10,000 pounds attached. Not anyone can become these truck drivers without passing the Class A CDL exam.

Choosing the Best

We all know that not all truck driving schools are created equal. Choosing the best is easy when you know what to look for. For one, flexibility in schedule must be present. Nowadays, choosing the time that suits your lifestyle schedule is important. A Russian CDL A School, such as RTDS is geared towards student convenience. Training programs are available that runs for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Express Program that runs for 12 hours is also available for experienced drivers. Select which schedule is suitable for your needs.

Second, the best schools should have qualified instructors. We have seven competent teachers with multilingual capabilities. All are well versed in the English, Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian languages. These professionals have stellar backgrounds and are equipped to train all students to become professional truck drivers.

Classroom instructions, coupled with practical training remains the core of our curriculum.  Behind-the-wheel tips and theoretical knowledge will be taught throughout the course. This will give the students the proper preparation for their Class A licensing exam. To help students take the exam as swiftly as possible, students will be scheduled with Third Party Certifiers for convenience.

Training and Qualifications

We are in the business of helping you obtain your CDL A license to help build your career. The necessary qualifications must be met for a seamless training experience. Make sure that you are at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, must pass the physical exam of the DOT, be able to give a driving record from the DMV and present a valid Social

Security Card.

In-depth classroom training will be done that will tackle lectures, demonstrations, videos and books. Broad theories will be taken up before the student will start range and road training. Safety is important so sufficient procedures on trip preparation, operation and driving will be discussed.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a Russian CDL A School, such as RTDS Trucking School is necessary to advance your career. We have years of sound experience to help you become a safe and professional truck driver. The CDL A exam is an important requirement and we can help you prepare for it. In addition, companies are looking for highly skilled workers who are well-trained in theories and practical skills. Our well-qualified team can help you reach your full potential. So enroll with us today and we’ll show you how.