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For Professional Driving, Learn the Right Things with RTDS

Driving a car is fun but learning how to drive is more fun!  For many, it is a dream come true since their childhood days.  Quality learning starts when you enroll with us to appropriately enlighten you about the CDL manual.

What is a CDL Manual?

This is important information that you ought to learn to become a qualified professional driver.  The Commercial Driver’s License Manual is provided by the United States government to be followed in teaching the important road use, rules, regulations and many other important information.  We are keen in ensuring we teach the important and right information that the law requires to produce qualified professional drivers.

Commercial Driver’s License Manual

The CDL manual is vital to those who want to get a ticket to successful truck driving career.  The United States requires all those who drive heavy large vehicles to have a CDL License having passed their Class A exams.  At RTDS, we train and harness your skills in operating these types of vehicles and present you as a professional to the waiting nation.

Some of the vital information you will learn are:

  1. Driving your commercial vehicle safely.  Safe driving covers a whole lot of areas.  They include:
    • Basic control of your car including   gear shifting, seeing ahead, communication, managing your road space.
    • Controlling your speed-including noticing other drivers and hazards, learning how to deal with road rage and aggressive drivers.
    • Tragedies while driving including accident procedures, controlling skidding, braking systems, and the like.
    • Distracted driving including driving in bad/poor weather, mountain driving, highway and railway crossings, and the like.
  2. Safe moving of passengers and cargo.  For successful driving, you must learn how to carefully handle both the passengers and cargo.  A few important tips include:
    • All cargo should be inspected.  It gives you confidence on the road once you know what cargo you are ferrying, its weight and balance, its packing and security, and other important information.
    • Passenger safety precautions.  Bus drivers belong to this class and it is important to check vehicle inspection and servicing, loading the right number, after trip vehicle inspection, on the road emergencies and others.
  3. Safe carriage of hazardous goods. Learn the set regulations of transporting such goods, loading and unloading, packing, driver’s responsibilities, and the like.
  4. Proper driving of school buses. Teaches how to familiarize yourself with student management, special safety precautions, loading and unloading, use of mirrors, emergency exit and evacuations.
  5. Basic Vehicle Skills Test. Learning how to park appropriately.  Due to the size of these commercial vehicles, it is not automatic to learn how to park in alleys, roadsides, and straight parking. It involves skills to ensure your vehicle is not breaking any rules.
  6. On road driving. The hands on experience and feeling when you drive these huge vehicles plus how to prepare for your actual testing.  With many of our information about driving being theory, you get to put it into actual practice for the rest of your life on the road.

Learn the Right Way

The CDL Manual comes completely packed with information you need to become a professional driver, it is our work to unpack these truths bit by bit to make sure you understand and pass your exams.