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Get the Best CDL Training from a Russian CDL School

Being a truck driver in the US is a solid career that offers good salary, especially for immigrants coming from Russia and other parts of Europe. There are many American companies looking for reliable and highly skilled truck drivers today. If you want to train for a CDL license, you can look for a multilingual instructor who can speak to you in Russian. RDTS is one of the leading Russian CDL School today that can provide you with the best training and help to get a CDL license.

Why You Should Get a CDL?

Did you know that professional truck drivers make $40,000 to $70,000 per year? For the newly trained truck drivers, they can earn from $35,000 to $40,000 per year. A career in truck driving is a great opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams and have financial freedom in the US. It is a very high paying career and you only need a CDL license that is valid in the USA to become a full-time truck driver.

Right now, there is a great demand for licensed truck drivers and it is considered as one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. Many companies are offering competitive salaries and benefits for the chosen truck drivers. Becoming a truck driver in the US can be a great idea if you really want to have a respectable high paying career. Get in touch with a Russian CDL School that offers the most effective training programs that is most suitable for you.

Where You Can Get Your CDL?

If you are still having difficulty understanding the English language and you are more comfortable using the Russian language during your CDL training, then you have to choose a Russian CDL School. RDTS can provide multilingual instructors who can speak fluently in Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian language.  They are offering 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks training programs and they also train CDL drivers to back-in with trailers.

RDTS is licensed to train students in order to get their CDL license in the US and they have been doing this since 2014. So if you want to have your Commercial Driver’s License in just a matter of weeks and start your career as a truck driver, then you should get in touch with RDTS, the best Russian CDL School in Las Vegas, USA.

Why Choose RDTS?

RDTS offers the most flexible training program that is most suitable for you. It depends whether you want a 2-week or a 4-week training course with a Russian speaking instructor that can make the training easier for you to understand. They have seven instructors who are multilingual and they can converse fluently in Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian and English.

They are the most effective Russian CDL School that can sharpen your truck driving skills and provide you with helpful tips in order to pass your CDL practical exam. With the proper training and the right attitude, you can get your Commercial Driver’s License fast and easy and start your career as a confident and reliable truck driver in the US.