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Getting a CDL License via an Uzbek CDL A School

Do you want to improve your driving skills? Do you want to be the best in more than just one driving category? Being part of the training program, an Uzbek CDL A School will give you an opportunity to learn a lot of useful driving skills and to boost your chances for a successful career in this business.

At RDTS, you can have your first CDL license and be able to drive any vehicle on any road in the United States. CDL or also known as a commercial driver's license is a type of driving license that gives the person an opportunity and skills to be able to drive any kind of vehicle. Also, this driving license allows an individual to be qualified to transport intrastate or interstate commerce.

RDTS will not only help you get your CDL license, but it will help you to prepare yourself and also pass the Class A license exam. Having a Class A license will help you become a driver of heavy vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds.  So, if you see yourself in this business and you want to work in a quality company that offers transportation and search for qualified drivers, then you are at the right place.

Uzbek CDL A School Training Programs in RDTS

The whole program of RDTS will provide you the necessary knowledge and experience in this specific field. The full program is 4 weeks, where you will have 2 weeks’ classroom and 2 weeks range and road training. The program is perfect to gain theoretical knowledge and also have practical experience.

However, you can take a program that last 3 weeks or even 2 weeks. The program of 3 weeks has 120 hours in total where you will have 2 weeks of classroom and 1-week range and road training. The 2 weeks’ program is actually the most popular one and it will last 80 hours. With these programs that RDTS is offering, you can gain enough experience and knowledge to be the best truck driver.

Multilingual Teachers

At RDTS, an Uzbek CDL A School, you can have an opportunity to study a language that you will choose. All instructors are multilingual and you can learn in Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian or English. In this way, you will have an opportunity to understand the material better and to increase your knowledge using the language that you know the most.

Thanks to this benefit given by RDTS, you can pass the Class A license exam and you can earn 3rd party certifiers for the most onsite testing.

Additional Information

If you are interested for the training programs, you can always contact the RDTS, through phone or email. It is never too late to take part of our driving programs. Once you will start with the training programs, you will enjoy every second of it. Besides the knowledge and experience that you will gain here, you will also have a fun time learning new things about this specific field and of course earn the Class A license.