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RTDS - Best Choice for a Bulgarian Truck Driving School

As the economy continues to become robust, the transportation industry continues to expand, as well. Because of this, truck fleets have continuous demands of experienced drivers for their heavy vehicles. Professional truck drivers who are highly skilled and trained for road safety is topmost in the requirement. As such, enrolling in a Bulgarian CDL A school will give you the needed boost for your career.

Professional Licensing

A CDL license or a commercial driver's license is your ticket for a successful career in professional truck driving. This is required in the United States in order to operate any kind of heavy or large vehicles. Proper background and preparation is needed to pass a Class A licensing exam.

To note, Class A CDL drivers are the ones who drive heavy vehicles that weigh 26,001 pounds or more. They can also drive a combination of vehicles 26,001 pounds or heavier with a trailer in tow weighing 10,000 pounds. Careers that need this type of license include interstate and intrastate trailer drivers.

Training with the Best

There are requirements that must be met before a person may be issued a CDL license. Adequate training is necessary to prepare for the test that will be given by each state. Enrolling in a Bulgarian CDL A school, such as RTDS, is your best bet for success.

We train and hone your skills so you can pass the CDL skills and knowledge tests with flying colors. RTDS also provides advanced techniques in driving that are invaluable for the job. Some of these excellent procedures include skid avoidance as well as recovery. Handling emergency situations such as breakaway trailers and hydroplaning are included.

Flexible Training Schedule

We understand that your time is precious, so training at your own schedule is important. Choose from various training programs that run for 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks of training. For experienced drivers, a 12-hour Express Program is also available. Flexible scheduling is always on hand to help everyone.

All of our seven instructors are multilingual and adept at various languages such as English, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian. These excellent instructors equip all students with the needed skills to become professional truck drivers.

These qualified instructors will provide students with classroom knowledge and behind-the-wheel driving techniques. This will ensure that students have adequate preparation and abilities to take the Class A licensing exam. There are also 3rd party certifiers for most onsite testing.

What to Expect

Safety in operating a truck is one of the paramount concerns of RTDS Trucking School. After all, your life and your career are on the line. Various skills including trip planning, safety operations, map reading and road driving will be touched. In addition, hooking a trailer, backing and turning will also be discussed. All will be in compliance with the laws of the US Department of Transportation.

Training in a Bulgarian CDL A school is needed. Remember that instructional guidance is required to pass the CDL exam. Without the proper prompting and preparation, it can be extremely difficult to tackle. More importantly, many companies are reluctant to hire candidates without professional training, even if they've qualified and passed the CDL exam.