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Choose the Right Romanian CDL A School

If you dream of becoming a professional and skillful driver, you need proper education, right? Most of you out there think that tractor drivers do not need a special kind of education, but being a tractor driver is not easy. At least, you need a driving license to work in the field. Luckily, RDTS has got you covered. If you live in Las Vegas and you need CDL A license but you speak Romanian, a Romanian CDL A School could help you.

About Us

RDTS is established in 2014 and since then, a great number of drivers managed to get their driving licenses. Our team includes 7 instructors and 3 certifiers.

Our License is Valid in the USA

The greatest thing about the license you get when you finish in our school is that it is valid in the USA. Due to the respected driving program, all students become respectable and skillful drivers.

Road Trainings

Besides modern classrooms and great teachers, our school offers you the essential road trainings that will prepare you to overcome any kind of obstacle you can face with on roads. Only good road trainings can make you a good driver.

CDL A Training Program

During the two-week program of 80 hours, three-week program of 120 hours and full four-week programs that last for 160 hours, all students will have an opportunity to acquire the knowledge to become professional tractor trailer drivers. If you need a driving license of the A category, choose the best school and you won’t regret it. Our program is completely adapted to our students, so regardless of your daily obligations or job, you will be able to get the license you want in a short period of time. There are part-time and full-time programs. Choose the one that suits your needs and get the license you want.

Multilingual Programs

We’ve already stated that our driving programs are completely adapted to our students’ needs. Therefore, we have chosen multilingual instructors to facilitate communication between them and their students. Classes and programs are available in Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian and English. We think about our students, that’s why we offer them the best of the best.

Instructors and Certifiers

Our instructors and certifiers are professional, educated and accessible people. The team consists of 7 instructors and 3 certifiers. While the instructors are focused on training students and preparing them for driving, the certifiers have a task to take tests.

Why a Good Romanian CDL A School Should Be Your Choice?

There are a lot of schools where you can get a driving license, but only several schools can offer you the necessary knowledge and skills required for becoming a professional tractor driver, and we are one of them. Adapted programs, multilingual instructors and certifiers, valid license in the USA, well-equipped classrooms and well-organized training programs are some of the reasons why you should go to a Romanian CDL A School if you want to get your license. We guarantee that once our students get their license, they will be capable of handling any kind of vehicle.